Quicken Mac Help-Uninstall Quicken Essentials from a Mac

To uninstall (remove) Quicken from your system:

1. Find the Quicken Essentials application on your hard drive and drag1 the application to the Trash (located on your Dock). This should be located in Applications from your Finder window (located on your Dock). You may have Quicken Essentials on your Dock. Removing the Quicken Essentials icon from here will not remove the application itself – that is simply a shortcut to the program.

2. Locate your data file (the default name is your name followed by “Finances.quickendata” – “Scott’s Finances.quickendata,” for example), and move it to the desktop.2 Don’t know were to find the file? Open up Finder and search for it using the search mechanism in the top right corner, or more simply you can open Spotlight (Command+Space) to perform your search.

3. Next we’ll need to get remove all of the files associated with Quicken Essentials. Open your Finder and make a note of what the name of your Home folder is called (On the left side of your Finder window, find the icon of the home.). We’re going to need to know the name in the next step.

4. With Finder still open, click on Go on the top menu bar, then select Go to Folder…. In the Go to the folder: filed type in /users/HomeFolderName/Library. “HomeFolderName” will be what your Home folder is called.

5. Once in the Library folder, open the Preferences folder, and then drag the com.intuit.Quicken_Essentials.plist and com.intuit.Quicken_Essentials.LSSharedFileList.plist files to the Trash.

6. Also located in the Library folder, open the Application Support folder. Right-click (or control+click) Quicken Essentials and choose Move to Trash.

7. Empty the Trash. Right-click (ctrl+click) on the Trash, then choose Empty Trash.

If you have a difficult time dragging, alternatively you can right click (ctrl+click) on the item you would like to move to the trash, and select Move to Trash.

This action is taken to save your data file. Once you finish removing Essentials, you may place this file back into the folder you removed it, if you reinstall Essentials, or archive the file for your records. You may move it or place it in the trash at your discretion. This file cannot be opened in earlier versions of Quicken for Mac.

If you continue to encounter an error after completing the above steps, please contact 1-800-656-6115

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