Quicken 2014 Install Error Regarding Minimum System Requirements

When installing a downloaded version of Quicken 2014, you may have encountered the message This program might not have installed correctly.

What does this message look like(see in the picture below)?

If you proceed by selecting Reinstall using recommended settings, you will be presented with a second message An error has occurred while installing Quicken 2014 and Sorry! Quicken cannot be installed because your computer does not meet the minimum system requirements.

What does this message look like(see in the picture below)?

This message was displayed in error.

What do I do?

Since this message was displayed in error, the best option would have been to select This program installed correctly. You would be able to open Quicken without any further delay.

For Windows XP 32-bit SP3, Windows 7 or Windows 8, and 8.1

1. Right-click on the downloaded Quicken installer (this is the program you opened to install Quicken initially) and choose Properties.
2. Select on the Compatibility tab.
3. Check the box next to Run this program in compatibility mode for:.
4. In the menu below the check box, change the version to Windows XP SP3.
5. Click Apply, then click OK.
6. Right-click the downloaded Quicken installer once again, and choose Run As Administrator.
7. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
8. For Windows Vista

Identify the Installer Settings

1. Right-click that downloaded installer (the Quicken_Deluxe_2014.exe file) and choose Properties.
2. Confirm the Size (and Size on Disk) is 109MB (or 129MB, depending on the date you purchased the program).
3. Confirm the Compatibility tab shows the Run In Compatibility Mode and the Run As Administrator boxes are both unchecked.
4. Go to the Security tab and ensure that SYSTEM, your name and Administrators all have Full Control with all of the other options beneath selected in Allow.
5. Close the Properties window and try your installation again

If you continue to encounter an error after completing the above steps, please contact 1-800-656-6115

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