Cannot or Unable To Print From Quicken(Printing Issues in Quicken)

Printing issues of Quicken can usually be resolved by verifying printer settings and installing Quicken printing components. reinstall Quicken and all the printer drivers in case if there is a conflict between the Quicken printing components and another printer driver on your computer.

Before trying to resolve your issue:

  1. Verify that your printer will print from other programs.
    1. Can you print from Notepad (to confirm report printing ability)?
    2. Can you print from Paint (to confirm check printing ability)?
    3. Microsoft Office applications use their own drivers and is not a good test for Quicken or system printing
  2. If you are using a network printer, connect the printer locally. Connecting the printer locally eliminates any network issues that may be present.

If you are using Quicken 2011 or newer, follow these five steps below. If you are using a version of Quicken prior to 2011 proceed to the next set of instructions.

  1. Update to the latest release.
  2. Choose File menu > File Operations > Validate and Repair.
  3. Check the options to Validate File and Reset all Quicken printer settings.
  4. Click OK.
  5. See if you can print.

If you still cannot print, continue with the information below.

Verify your printer settings

Install Quicken printing components

Replace the WPR.Dat file

Reinstall Quicken and all printer drivers

Use a printer emulation

If you continue to encounter an error after completing the above steps, please contact 1-800-656-6115

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